0003. (30 before 30)


AB: “What??! How can you even come up with 30 things?”

It was indeed harder than I thought, I didn’t, and I’m nowhere near done!

This list will evolve into “30 while 30” soon and I’m very much okay with that. Progress is better than nothing + it was more of a scavenger hunt than “do it or you’re a failure.” To me, lists are a helpful tool and a creative, fun outlet – never a binding contract.

On this one:

1) Make a 5 year plan

2) Learn to sew

3) Go on a horse ride

4) Complete an upcylce

5) Learn to play guitar

6) Go camping

7) Increase French fluency

8) Start blog

9) Take a yoga class

10) See a whale

11) Make sourdough

12) Take a folkloric dance class

13) Sell something I made

14) Travel around Ecuador w/Dad

15) See an elephant

16) Business plan

17) Beach every month

18) Host a fundraiser

19) MYO chapstick

20) Yearly yard sale

What would you add? Do you like making lists (especially fun, alliterated ones)? 




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